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  • Patch 2.02 2018-08-13

    Just a small update with some fixes and useful things:-Crew auto assigment feature-Right-click camera panning (edge scrolling disabled)-Assigments order display-Some english localization improvements-Some bug fixes-Some tweaksCrew auto assigment feature: We have added a feature that automatically set...

  • StellarHub 2.0 - RELAUNCH! 2018-08-04

    Dear StellarHub community,At last, version 2.0 is out! Thanks for sticking with us while we prepared this major release. But wait, what does this 2.0 it mean?StellarHub 2.0 is not another game. It is the same old StellarHub, but greatly improved, in all aspects, over 1.0!The first big change is,...

  • StellarHub 2.0 - ready to RELAUNCH! 2018-07-30

    We`re almost here! Complete remake of the game took 4 months instead of 2 (as we originally assumed). The new game engine has a lot of advantages, but there are some disadvantages. For example, there may be some problems with videocards that have limited or poorly implemented OpenGL 3.0 support...

  • Global Update 2.0 - Progress report 3 2018-07-08

    Dear friends,As I wrote earlier, we are a little late with the release of the update. Since the game had to be completely remade, testing the game mechanics took a lot longer than I thought. At the moment everything works fine, but the gameplay itself is a bit ... hardcore. We are working on the...

  • Global Update 2.0 - Progress Report 2018-06-28

    Dear friends,Just want to inform you that the work on the global update is coming to an end. There is still a lot of work here and it seems that we are lagging behind the schedule (as we originally said - 2 months). Here is list of changes already implemented:-New game engine (OpenGL 3.0) No more...

  • Global Update 2.0 - Progress report 2 2018-06-14

    Dear friends,As we said earlier, we get out of the schedule (2 months). We have a real chance to finish everything by the end of June. Thank you for your patience. New feature that we just added to the game:-Contracts. These are the goals that the player must reach to complete the current mission. Collect...

  • Global update 2.0 - work in progress 2018-03-30

    Dear friends,Sorry for long delay. We have finally started work on a global update of our game. What does it mean?-New game engine (OpenGL-based)-No more crashes-No any compatability issues-Localization bugfixes-Greatly improved perfomance-Any resolution support, vsync support-Full UI redesign-UI...

  • StellarHub is released! 2017-08-17

    Dear friends,We sincerely hope that our game will give you a lot of fun. We have been developing the game for a year and we must say that it was not easy. But we like to make games and do it just for you.Casualogic team

  • LAUNCH - 17 August 2017! 2017-08-08

    We are ready to launch! 99.9% of preparations is done. Just some small tweaks and improvements. Almost no sleep, just work :)

  • Preliminary release date is 17th august 2017-08-01

    Our closed beta was great. We received large amount of feedback, tons of bugs is fixed, we are very tired but proud. So, preparing for release is started. Now we passing Steam approvation.

  • StellarHub Beta-Testing 2017-07-20

    Our closed beta is running great! We are received a lot of valuable feedback/suggestions from our testers. So, we need a time to process it. Game release planning in range of 1-15 august 2017.

  • StellarHub is GREENLIT! 2017-06-08

    Greenlight now is closed and we are "catched last train". Now we are working on our game to make it available on Steam! Release for now planned on end of July.

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