Global Update 2.0 - Progress Report

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Dear friends,

Just want to inform you that the work on the global update is coming to an end. There is still a lot of work here and it seems that we are lagging behind the schedule (as we originally said - 2 months). Here is list of changes already implemented:

-New game engine (OpenGL 3.0) No more old crashes and strange critical bugs.

-Full UI redesign (most of controls now is more clear and intuitive)

-Station visual look improvements (no empty corridors, 2d lights)

-New station crew control UI and mechanics (now each crew member to do his work must be attached to station module(s). This innovation removes all the problems about late and incorrect delivery of resources, confusion when distributing characters to workplaces, etc.

-New map resource - Ice. From ice you can produce water. Water needed in greenhouse and for beverages production (for crew).

-New resources for production - Water and Beverages.
-Defense platforms now use ammunition

-Full redesign Greenhouse/Farm/Manufacturing plant control

-Strong changes in Research tree and science mechanics

-New messaging system. No more tons of log messages. Just sorted and clear popup messages under main panel.

-Day|Night cycle.

-New station module - Station Shield Generator. Designed to protect the station from asteroids.

Thank you for patience.

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