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Just a small update with some fixes and useful things:

-Crew auto assigment feature
-Right-click camera panning (edge scrolling disabled)
-Assigments order display
-Some english localization improvements
-Some bug fixes
-Some tweaks

Crew auto assigment feature:

We have added a feature that automatically set assignments to all carriers, technicians and cleaners at the station at the push of a button. Also, you can always adjust any crew assigments in manual mode.

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We`re almost here! Complete remake of the game took 4 months instead of 2 (as we originally assumed). The new game engine has a lot of advantages, but there are some disadvantages. For example, there may be some problems with videocards that have limited or poorly implemented OpenGL 3.0 support (especially for integrated solutions from ATI). Minimal system requirements also increased slightly.

It was a hard 4 months. Thousands of lines of code, long lists of bugfixes, hundreds of hours of gameplay ...
We were almost exhausted, but we did it! We sincerely hope that StellarHub really got better.

We decided that it must be 2.0, not 1.1. Too much has been remade.

Relaunch date: August 4, 2018.

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Dear StellarHub community,

At last, version 2.0 is out! Thanks for sticking with us while we prepared this major release. But wait, what does this 2.0 it mean?

StellarHub 2.0 is not another game. It is the same old StellarHub, but greatly improved, in all aspects, over 1.0!

The first big change is, it is now built over the Godot engine, featuring cutting-edge OpenGL ES 3.0 support. This is really great, as it opens new doors for us, for example making it easier to port StellarHub to other OS.

We received a a lot of feedback from the community during closed beta testing (in the past), thank you guys! Most, if not all, of what was reported and suggested has been effectively implemented into version 2.0.

Our goal with this relaunch was not to make a new, huge StellarHub. It was not either to add a huge amount of content, or to completely redraw all the game art. We set ourselves instead, the task of improving and balancing what was already there, porting to the new base engine.

Want to know more details about it? Please refer to the StellarHub relaunch notes:

Release notes on Steam

Despite the effort to make the game great, some things always slip without being noticed, and we're sorry for that. If you notice anything out of place during gameplay, please let us know via the discussion forums under the Technical Support section:

Technical Support forum on Steam

We'd greatly appreciate the time spent sharing your experience with us!

Before asking questions, please review our faq/troubleshooting thread in the discussion forums:

Troubleshooting forum on Steam

Questions not already answered in the FAQ are very welcome in our discussion forums!

All bug reports pertaining version 1.0 will be archived, closed/locked and tagged with a '[Legacy v.1.0]', as they will no longer be actual with the 2.0 release.

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Dear friends,

As I wrote earlier, we are a little late with the release of the update. Since the game had to be completely remade, testing the game mechanics took a lot longer than I thought.

At the moment everything works fine, but the gameplay itself is a bit ... hardcore. We are working on the difficulty settings to play was more comfortable.

What we need to do:
-savegames testing
-balancing difficulty levels
-some tweaks

We will be keep you posted.

Casualogic team.

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Dear friends,

As we said earlier, we get out of the schedule (2 months). We have a real chance to finish everything by the end of June. Thank you for your patience. New feature that we just added to the game:

-Contracts. These are the goals that the player must reach to complete the current mission. Collect resources, obtain scientific data etc.

What we need to do:

-Main menu/Mission selector/Options
-Scenario missions
-Tutorial mission
-Some testing

We will keep you informed.

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